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UK Navalops recruitment
[Image: 45809885575_61cd323279_b.jpg]

UK Navalopps

Flying from ships deployed worldwide, the aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm provide the UK with influence over land and sea, and assist in the wide range of roles undertaken by the Royal Navy from disaster relief to landing Royal Marines onto a hostile shore. 

UK Navalops
is a virtual combat air group for DCS World. Our main squadrons fly the Razbam Harrier.  Each of these squadrons are based on real Naval squadron within the Fleet Air Arm. We have a rank structure in line with the real royal Navy, where pilots can work their way through the ranks and lead their own squadron.

We use a web based flight logging software using VABase. All pilots are to manually file a Pirep after each flight. This can be for both online and offline flights. all Pireps are to be checked and accepted by Squadron Commanders. Pilots aren't tied to one aircraft type. Here at Uk Navalops pilots can fly any aircraft in out fleet and submit a pirep. So if you fancy an offline Huey flight delivering mail to the carrier then thats fine. Here we focus on freedom and enjoyment.Pilots can fly as often as they like although our main missions are Saturday nights. 


800 Naval Air Squadron

[Image: 31783893987_9ea79b1969_o.png]
801 Naval Air Squadron
[Image: 46000807594_6268c7a0c4_o.png]

We currently have 800 NAS & 801 NAS Flying the Razbam Harrier. We do use all the current maps for DCS.

Commando Helicopter Force is active but doesnt have dedicated members, however this could change, numbers permitting.

We are looking for experienced Harrier pilots to help with training.

Dont worry if you have no experience because we have an fun training package set up. plus we dont shove people in a training squadron for three months before they get to fly combat missions. new pilots will be assigned a mentor who will help them through it all.

If you are interested then please go to our website 
and fill in the short application.
If you need any more info please dont hesitate to contact me by pm on here.
See you in the skies

 Chris "TRICKY"
 Commanding Officer 809 NAS 
Hiya Guys and Girls,
                             new to UK NAVAL OPS as I have just joined the squadron (March 2019). Just qualified in my day carrier landings with 800 Sqn and for all you budding harrier pilots out there looking to hone your skills then look no further than these guys. What I have found in the short time I have flown within the squadron is the total level of dedication, helpfulness and skill set of all the pilots of UK NAVAL OPS. I joined under advice from someone outside of the team and have never looked back. Flying club is as intense as you make it and everybody is warm and welcoming. Server is outstanding and once you fly for a couple of hours on here you wont go back to the normal dull DCS. Bravo to all the guys who quite frankly make the entire experience a complete pleasure. If you want to develop your flying skills ten fold then look no further...

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