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Hi all,

Is there a mod available that recesses the UFC in the harrier back a bit?

I find that I have to really cant my head all over the place to see the MFD around it and frankly, it is somewhat irritating.

How does the majority get around this? Is there a zoom setting that makes it easier, is there a mod or is it just a case of suck it and see?
most of us are vr users so we just move our heads. I'm hoping someone without vr can chip in here
 Chris "TRICKY"
 Commanding Officer 809 NAS 
Yep, I am on Trackir, I can move my head sideways and tilt etc. but the inside edge of the mfd on both sides is awkward to see. It's the one thing that has previously put me off the harrier over other aircraft.
Im trackir same as you mate, play with the X axis (i think) on track IR (mine maxes out at 5) or lower the saturation in DCS is all i can suggest. Doesnt bother me anymore but im 100's of hours in and shes my primary bird. Once you get used to it, its just part of her character. Also those warning lights can be clicked 'through' if you know where to put the mouse.

Thanks mate, I'll give that a try. Never had these problems with the cat or the bug Big Grin

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